Medical Malpractice Lawyer

An injury at the hands of a medical professional is an unthinkable occurrence. However, it happens all too often in the medical field. If you or a loved one has been harmed when under the care of a doctor, nurse or other medical professional, you have legal rights. At our law firm, we will assist you with filing your malpractice lawsuit after your injury in Palm Desert, CA or Palm Springs, CA. Attorney Samuel F. Trussell has helped numerous clients in acquiring the compensation they are due for their injuries. He can provide the assertive and strategic legal help you need.

Driven & Results-Oriented Legal Services

At the law office of Samuel F. Trussell, we take it seriously when our clients come to us for help. We fight passionately for the rights of the injured and we offer the driven and results-oriented legal services they need. It can be challenging to win a malpractice claim without the right legal help. These types of claims require an infallible amount of evidence demonstrating that the injury was caused due to a deviation in the traditional standard of medical care. Only a seasoned medical malpractice attorney can help you demonstrate this in accordance with the requirements of the court.

Attorney Trussell is one of the few medical malpractice lawyers in the area that has served multi-million dollar settlements for his clients. You can expect the same level of dedication and strategic planning for the best possible outcome in your medical malpractice claim.

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